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Half-Life Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Hi, and welcome to the Half-Life (hl1) community.
Feel free to become a member.
You can discuss anything having to do with Half-Life, Worldcraft, Valve, Hammer, or whatever. Please stay on topic though.

..::The Rules::..

1. No spamming or being unkind to one another.

2. Feel free to discuss anything that you would like to about Half-Life, but please do not go off subject. You may discuss other things having to do with Half-Life as well, such as Worldcraft, Valve, Hammer, or other Half-Life games.

3. You may post pictures, MP3's, or anything to that effect. But please be aware of the fact that large pictures take a long time to load on the internet. No pictures larger than 500 x 500 pixels are allowed. If you must post a picture larger than that, please scale it down or put it under the lj-cut.

4. You may not post pictures or anything else having to do with pornography, drugs, ect. That will result in immediate banning from this community.

5. If you have a specific question about something, please either contact a mod or make a post about it in the community.

Thank You for understanding these rules and I hope you enjoy!

Black Mesa Research Facility. Black Mesa, New Mexico

Good Morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System.
This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of the Black Mesa Research Facility personal.
The time is 8:47 AM
Current Topside Temperature is 93°, with an estimated high of 105.
The Black Mesa Compound is maintained at a pleasant 68° at all times...

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And just where do you think you're going?